FB Packing Pork Cutters

Pork, Lamb and Veal


Pork, Lamb, and Veal from F.B. Packing

F.B. Packing distributes pork, lamb and veal at wholesale levels. From nose to tail, we carry primal and sub-primal cuts along with large offal offerings to suit your every need.


F.B. Packing manufacturers and distributes the top brands of pork. We sell fresh whole pigs as well as the best quality cuts of pork including our own manufactured pork butts/shoulders/Boston butts. We only source directly from high quality, trusted pork suppliers.


F.B. Packing distributes domestic fresh lamb, along with imported lamb from Australia. We have a variety of offerings to meet many customer needs.


F.B. Packing distributes high quality veal to satisfy the needs of food service and retail customers alike. All of our veal is raised in the U.S. and quality checked by the USDA for wholesomeness.