What does F.B. stand for?

F.B. stands for Frank Bertolino, the founder of Frank Bertolino Beef and F.B. Packing Learn more about our History.

Who can buy product at F.B. Packing?

Primarily our customers are super markets, butcher shops, sausage makers and other further processors.  Restaurants are welcome to come pick up product at our location.

Does F.B. Packing cut portion control steaks?

No, F.B. Packing does not do any portion control steaks or chops, we are a wholesale distributor/manufacturer of beef, pork, lamb and veal. We mostly sell primals and subprimals at wholesale levels.

Does F.B. Packing deliver products on their own trucks?

Yes, at F.B. we have our own fleet of refrigerated trucks that is on the road making deliveries daily. We currently service all of New England and New York and also the the Southeastern U.S., and the capability from coast to coast.

Does F.B. Packing have a fuel surcharge for deliveries?

No, we do not charge extra for fuel as long as the minimum weight is achieved.

Does F.B. Sell to restaurants or grocery stores?

Yes! We sell to any person or company, regardless of order size. If you need delivery, we require a minimum of 800 pounds. If you have less than 800 pounds we ask that you pick up your order. Call us if you have questions.

How is F.B. Packing different from other meat distributors?

F.B. Packing is different from other meat distributors because we do a lot of our own in-house manufacturing, which means the product is fresher and we can control quality of the product as well as better inventory management. We have a reputation to uphold and we absolutely guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. You can rely on F.B. Packing.

How far does F.B. Packing deliver to customers?

F.B. Packing delivers as far north as Northern New Hampshire, as far south as Southern Connecticut, and as far west as Albany, New York. We also have the capability to ship all across the United States.

How does F.B. Packing guarantee freshness and quality?

F.B. Packing has daily inspections as well as a third party audit (SQF or Safe Quality Foods) yearly.

What provisions does F.B. Packing sell?

F.B. Packing carries a full line of provisions including bacon, in a variety of slice counts and flavors, fresh and locally-made sausage, hot dogs, cured meats, and holiday hams.

Does F.B. Packing sell whole pigs?

Yes, we sell fresh whole pigs, the perfect addition to your 4th of July cookout, or any summertime bbq.

Does F.B. Packing sell chicken and other poultry?

Yes, we can provide chicken and other poultry with your meat order. F.B. Packing is your one-stop meat source.

How are homestyle patties different from regular hamburger patties?

Our homestyle patties are fresh, thicker than frozen, and made daily with USDA Choice or Certified Angus Beef.®

How thin is your shaved steak? How do people use it?

Our shaved steak is extra lean and cut very thin which makes it perfect for Philly cheese steaks, steak bombs, steak and cheese egg rolls along with many other applications.